Emotional Support Animal Letter

Having an animal travel attendant may alleviate symptoms of trepidation and despair associated with PDSC.  Many people say that having a connection with pet decrease levels of stress, promote an active lifestyle and increases engagement in physical activity, and provide a sense of comfort and close companionship. You may also be more likely to increase social interactions with other pet owners at parks or beaches because you share comparable interests.


Crufts 2013 Day 2 at Birmingham NEC


Although more technical research is needed to evaluate the benefit of emotional support animals on PDSC, many people report a decrease in stress from having a fuzzy companion. Some researchers worry that individuals who have an emotional support animal may be inhibited from seeking professional help. However, having a restorative animal can serve as a bridge to getting help and becoming engaged in their recovery.

In some states, the description of an emotional support animal allows the handler to bring a dog or cat to places in which they would be otherwise excluded. For example, some housing or apartment complexes may allow the tenant to own a pet if it is recommended by a doctor. The dog owner may also be able to fly on a plane if permitted by the airline. To get special consideration, the dog owner needs to show a letter of commendation and qualifications from the mental health provider.

Taking care of a pet is a huge conscientiousness and for some people it is optional to wait until their symptoms improve to own a pet.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended for the safety and well-being of the public that the pet take delivery of formal training and qualifications to become a therapy dog.

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