ESA Letter – Emotional Support Animal Letter

Huge Reviews of Pet vendor

Recently a close friend of mine had to have her dog put to sleep. It was very sad of course, but made me appreciative to have a healthy dog and three very healthy cats I could go home and hug! It also made me pause to think about just WHY we love these critters so much. So, I asked our Drs. Foster & Smith Face book family why they loved their pets, and it was such a brilliant response I wanted to share! Reading all this just makes me happy.

Below is just a SMALL SAMPLE of the reasons why we love our pets… Enjoy!

  • Daniel R. – I just love my pets because they can reduce my all stress of the day with a simple wag of their tail and tongue.


  • Mika S. – I have two 4-legged-hairy children (Dogs). I like all of them because they think I am a much better man than I actually am.


  • Stephaney S. – I never hate my dog because he’s the most adorable creature of the nature. He makes me smile all the time even when he’s just sitting near me, staring at me silently.


  • Carlos T. – I love my Dollar (my pet) because of the best running coach of mine! On the mornings. She always lying on my chest and try to wake up me. I love her a lot.


  • Bindra B. – They inspire me and give hope just like Ellie hopes every day that she is going to catch that elusive tail.


  • John V. – No matter what the moment or occasion, my attractive dog is always feel happy to see me when I come from offices. He makes me smile with their activities and is the light of my expensive life!


  • Jeanne C. – the reason behind to love my pet is that she is always happy to see me no matter how I look like or what the day is or if I have even brushed my teeth yet.

Some professional say that Emotional Support Animal like a dog or other common domestic living thing that provides companionship, accommodating positive regard, stress-free environment, great affection.

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